We played our first show on the 24th of September, 2012 at Clarington Safety Day. Since that show we’ve had this overwhelming urge to continue playing shows as a band. We sat down and wrote out songs we all liked and thought of covering. Realizing that you can’t really make it anywhere in the music industry without writing and playing your own material, we started writing. We recorded our first demo called “Why” at Sean’s house. We started jamming “Why” every time we rehearsed and it felt so good, playing our own material. In April of 2013 we registered to play at a Battle of the Bands at our local arena. Due to our huge family and massive group of friends, we sold the most tickets out of all the bands. We sold 95 tickets which was almost equal to all the other bands combined. At 9:45PM we hit the stage at Rickard Recreation Complex with a half hour set planned out and hopes of winning. At 12:00AM we were awarded 1st place, winning an hour time slot at Bowmanville’s Rockin’ Rotary Ribfest and 5 hours in the studio with Brett Piekarz. On June 7th we hit the main stage at Ribfest and played a rocking set featuring songs like Sweet Emotion by Aerosmith, Come Together by The Beatles, The Wall by Pink Floyd and a 4 song Led Zeppelin medley featuring Black Dog, Misty Mountain Hop, Whole Lotta Love and Stairway to Heaven. We received a great response from the crowd and had a great time. We currently have people who are very interested in getting our EP, people of importance in the industry. We hit the studio on July 23rd to record two songs, “Why” and “Can’t Control Me”. We have multiple songs finished but we feel these are the strongest two right now.