To write an ACT essay, you need to go through four steps:

Step one is planning: you need to know what you are doing and why, to be sure of being able to write the best essay you can.  Writers from essay writing service ca give definition that an ACT essay is an essay which is written specifically for a written test, and as such, it is something that needs a lot of attention put into it.

Planning these essays is therefore very important, even (or perhaps especially) if you are not in the habit of making an outline for your essays. The outline will let you plan your essay ahead of time, rather than having to think about it as you go along.

Step two in writing an ACT essay is to read the prompts and any perspectives which are offered, and then begin to formulate your own opinion on the subject. This is where you take the first steps into finding something for yourself that you can work from your opinion back to the research you will need to do. Choosing a side is very important, since it is these sides which will help you to begin your research.

Step three is of course your research. When you have chosen a side, you will be able to see what arguments you should make to make a good essay, and this will allow you to focus on particular areas of research. Knowing what your arguments are, and knowing what you need to do in order to research them, is helpful.

Finally, you need evidence to support your claims and arguments. You can gather this from the sources and resources you have used to find research for your arguments, and put it into your work or your outline as you will need it along the way. Being able to back up all of your arguments makes them a lot stronger.